Wish to Have A Great Time with Your Escort – Learn Few Tips and Rules

Using escort services has become a common way to enjoy one’s business trip to the fullest in any country. Almost all businessmen make use of escort services when they are traveling for business to another country and yet love to have some pleasure during such trips if they are traveling alone. 

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Escort Etiquette 

Escorts are male or female companies that one desires whenever needed, during their time in any place. They are available for as many days or weeks as required by you. However, that doesn’t mean that you will get to treat them poorly and with the only idea of the fact that they get paid for having sex with you. 

The best way of having a very good time with an escort is not by just using them as your plaything, but remembering that they are human beings who work to keep you happy and satisfied till they stay with you. Here are some of the ways that can help you to a good time with your escort. 

  • Research 

Not all escort services work with the same idea, which is to have sex with you, spend time with you, and get paid in the end. Hence, you have to make sure that you have done your part of research and have understood the way the escort service works. Remember to not just fall for the photos and check thoroughly about the escort that works for you. 

  • Behave 

Remember that the escorts are not just sex workers and work with the only idea of having sex with you. They can make you have a very good time with them if you make them feel comfortable with you. Instead of seeing them as the escort, try to imagine them as your date for the day or the evening. You can then decide how to behave with your date. 

  • Speak Out 

Escort services are not the mind readers. They cannot imagine what you want and how you prefer them in bed. Hence, the best way to have a good time is to voice out your preferences. Whether you like anal during sex, just hand or blow job, or just intercourse, make sure that you state your preferences clearly so that the escort will be prepared. 

  • Don’t Share 

Even though you have already used the same escort service the last time, never share the details regarding what he/she did to you, with you, and so on. Remember that what is done in the room stays in the room and nothing will be shared between two escorts. 

You can find many such rules that will work in your favor, if you wish to have a great time with your hired one, during your stay in any place. Know about all such rules in detail and have a great time.