Internet Dating Tips – Have Some Fun and become Mr Popular

In earlier articles I discussed the possibility dangers in Internet Dating and also the things you can do to avert being scammed or worse. Now it is time to let you know how you can enjoy yourself while Web Dating, and the way to be really effective in internet marketing. Because the website I co-own is particularly targeted at Western Guys meeting Chinese Women, a number of these pointers are particularly targeted at guys who are curious about Asian and Chinese Women, however i think they are able to generally be relevant to any women anywhere. But remember this really is about Internet Dating for individuals intent on a lengthy term relationship, not about cyber sex or cheap thrills. If that is what you are thinking about you are studying the incorrect article.


1. Concentrate on the Things you want inside a Lady

Here’s some interesting stuff gleaned from the Peoples Magazine poll (admittedly a couple of in the past).

What men saw as the most crucial single criteria within the lady they’re seeking:

1. Truthfulness (14%)

2. Spontaneity (11%)

3. A great body (9%)

4. Intelligence (8%)

5. Nice eyes (8%)

6. Ambition (6%)

7. A pleasant butt (5%)

8. A pleasant smile (4%)

9. Over 100 additional features because both versions rated less than 1%.

Women were slightly less shallow, although not much. Here’s a list:

1. Spontaneity (25%)

2. Truthfulness (13%)

3. Nice eyes (9%)

4. Nice smile (8%)

5. Good body (7%)

6. Intelligence (5%)

7. Height (4%)

8. Ambition (4%)

9. A pleasant butt (1%).

Exactly what does this let you know? Mostly it informs you that you are not the only real shallow guy available who thinks that the woman’s is more essential than her brains and her butt is much more important than her smile. So relax, stop feeling guilty about what you truly want inside a lady, and merely keep telling everybody it’s the twinkle in her own eye that you simply adore when it is truly the size (or shape) of her breasts.