The Interesting Science Behind Attraction to Family Members

The question as to whether or not it is okay to be attracted to a family member never fails to raise eyebrows. Contrary to popular belief, feelings of sexual attraction towards a family member are far from rare. 

Precisely why platforms like Family Strokes Porn exist, catering to a surprisingly broad market distributed across countless demographics. 

But when it comes to the morality or acceptability of this kind of attraction or fetish, opinions differ significantly from one person to the next. It’s a matter that’s tricky to view from a purely neutral perspective, given how those who do not experience it are unlikely to fully understand it.

Is it Acceptable to be Sexually Attracted to a Family Member?

From a purely moral perspective, the answer is no – sexual attraction to a family member is not considered acceptable. Acting on such an attraction is also a criminal offense in most regions worldwide, making it a taboo subject most people aren’t even willing to discuss openly.

But this does not mean that this kind of attraction is inherently harmful in its own right. Human beings can be genetically and chemically predisposed to be attracted to just about anything. From animals to inanimate objects, we do not have as much control over the things we desire as we think we do.

Hence, it is not the attraction itself that is the issue. Instead, it is how you act on it, and the extent to which you control your behavior in a manner considered acceptable. If you find a member of your own family attractive without ever admitting your feelings or acting upon them, nobody gets hurt.

While Some People Attracted to Family Members?

As for the science of this surprisingly common and the phenomenon, human beings (and animals in general) are genetically programmed to seek sexual gratification and opportunities for procreation away from their family circle.  People become desensitized towards their family members as they grow up, reinforcing the natural mechanism that discourages sexual relationships between direct family members.

All of which is essential to ensure children are conceived and born with a reduced risk of genetic abnormalities, by combining the genetics of people who are not blood relatives. In-breeding can have catastrophic consequences, which is why this natural mechanism exists in human beings.

However, this mechanism simply does not work (or is not as effective as it should be) in some people.

Where this is the case, sexual attraction to family members may occur. And when it does, it’s nothing to be ashamed of to the individual in question. It’s not as if they have chosen to feel this way – most would prefer to eliminate these feelings entirely if they could.

What About Family Members Who Are Not Blood Relatives?

Of course, it’s a different story entirely with members of your family who are not blood relatives. As such individuals do not fall within your direct family circle, they are not affected by a person’s natural predisposition to avoid sexual relations.

You are therefore just as likely to be sexually attracted to these people as anyone else. Perhaps even more so, if you have close relationships with them.