FIVE undeniable facts about hiring professional escort services in London

Do you know how to hire an escort? The first thing you should know about escort agencies is that they are much more common than you think. The services paid sex are actually a very prevalent service. Most research indicates that about 35% of men in London have paid for sex at least once. These numbers mean that if you take a sample of five friends, even if they are unwilling to admit you, at least one of them will likely have enlisted the services of an escort agency. If this is your first time, in this article you will find some useful tips for you to choose the agency and the right girl for you.

What makes escort services unique?

Although the terms are interchangeable, there is a difference between what you can expect of a call girl or escort versus a prostitution service. Escort services generally restrict their hires to attractive, presentable women with no visible problems with drugs or any other addictions. Certainly men who use escort services tend to be much more demanding customers. Thus, they often recruit high-profile escorts for escort services, such as dinners and parties, besides sexual services.

Escort girls and prostitutes have a common goal – paid sex. However, there is hell and heaven difference. A prostitute, no matter how attractive and stylish she is, always carries the chance of diseases. They are not hygienic, and have no class. They can even sleep with a random man, without asking anything if the pay is handsome. On the other hands, Rachaels escorts are classy, educated, models, charming, sexy, attractive, hygienic, presentable, affordable, and have a crime-free background.

You can check the rating and revisions in advance

It is essential to find a website that has verified templates. Once you find a site with easy navigation and verified templates, select the ones you like the most. Agencies and escort services are not exempt from listing services ranked and rated through a growing online community of websites. There are websites that rate and review girls based on various criteria. Therefore, you will have a good idea of ​​what to expect in advance. If you do a little research and read many reviews, you will probably end up with something very close to reality. Above all, it is advisable to stay away from random internet messages and newspaper advertisements. This way, you guarantee that you have all the options you want.

Learn some companion language

Some models do not respond to calls, and others do not respond to people without a profile picture. Do not panic! These girls are used to receiving many contacts a day. You just have to be direct and get to the point. Say, “Hello, I would like more information about the services” and if she is available, she will certainly answer you.

Escorts are very careful when talking about money, sex, dating and so on. Moreover, some will use terms like “donations” or “intimate experiences”, phrases like “getting to know you better” or “getting closer” are more accepted. Avoid talking directly about sex or sexual acts. Call her by her stage name, never by love or affectionate names. First, search for a trusted escort website.

Be punctual and be a man

It is not just a matter of respect, but if you are late, you risk upsetting the girl, and no one likes to start the night off on the wrong foot. Do not arrive drunk, and under no circumstances use drugs. If the girl feels you are out of your mind, she runs the risk of not wanting to attend to you and you miss the trip. Take a shower and brush your teeth. You cannot expect the model to kiss you or give you a blowjob without a condom if you go there with bad hygiene. If the model asks you to take a shower first, do not resist. It will be better for both. Please be aware that if you have booked a 1-hour show, it will only last 1 hour. If you want to stay longer, negotiate first.

How is the service at the motel?

Usually the girl has a motel of choice. Some may even collaborate with motels, providing discounts for this type of service. When you arrive at the motel, let them know you are expecting someone and let the girl know your suite number. Other people prefer to go straight to fight. Regardless of your preference, note that there are two types of girls – those who go at your speed, and those who want you to go at her speed. First, it is worth remembering one thing – no call girl is like another. There are girls who will do it exactly how you want it, just as there are girls who will do it their way.

Time for the fun to start

If you have found a place you feel good about, it is time to set up a date. It may sound a little clinical, but remember you are buying someone else’s time. So keep in mind that these women are professionals and for them time equals money. If you book online or over the phone, make sure, you have studied the site closely and have a good feeling about the companion you are requesting. The profiles of the Rachaels escorts are updated, 100% genuine, and recent. Once you have made your decision, it is time to sit back, relax, and have fun.


Calm down, having sex with a call girl is the same thing as having sex with a normal girl. You might notice some artificiality here and there, but it is normal, given that there is any emotional involvement in sex. Important – be nice to the girls. If you like something wilder, whether it is squeezing, slapping and biting, ask first. Many girls do not like getting marks, and some girls with silicone have a lot of sensitivity in their breasts, so do not squeeze as if they are natural. If the girl insisted that you orgasm quickly and dumped you before the show was over, report the girl to the website.