How Men Look at Dating Older Vs. Younger Women

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Do you wonder if age gaps matter in relationships? Why do men prefer dating older or younger women? To find answers to these questions, as well as know where to obtain a reliable and cheap dating merchant account, read below. 


Men Dating Older Women

A group of men having participated in a survey concerning age differences in relationships have given interesting answers. Many of them think love doesn’t know any limits, and age is nothing more than a number, except for..:


    1. Age isn’t a barrier as long as you’re both having fun
    2. Older women are both physically and intellectually attractive 
    3. As long as a woman is an adult, her age isn’t a problem 
    4. The thing that older women know who they are makes them attractive 
    5. Both dating younger and older women can be fine as long as you’re the right fit 


  • Age differences aren’t a barrier as long as you’re emotionally connected


    1. Some men note their friends justify them more for dating older rather than younger women


  •  However, age can be a barrier if you aren’t looking in the same direction 



The authors of “Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance” have conducted an interview among more than 200 men, and the findings are striking. One of the interviewees, Nigel (aged 37), thinks older women are more attractive to date. He values their clarity and relaxed attitude about life. The other answers are similar to this one.


Older Men Dating Younger Women: What About a Dating Merchant Account?

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Now, let’s see why older men prefer dating younger women. Well, the real reason isn’t limited to looks. Have you heard about the ”law of averages?” In fact, men find they can date fewer women of that age group. Older men think women in their 20s or 30s are less demanding. 


So, many younger men love dating older women, and many older men love dating younger women. They bring interesting reasons for their preferences, which you can find in the article above. 


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