Hardcore teen magazines

When Ricky found his dad’s collection of Playboy’s from the early 90s, he sounded confused! “Is this really porn?” he wondered. ” But there are only cigarette ads and some interviews. There are some naked girls there alright, but that’s no porn!”

We all can relate to what Ricky said. Now the internet is flooded with porn and old magazines, which were the only thing teenagers treasured in their secretive ways are more for a dying culture. 

Did you miss them? Did you…?

There was a time when hardcore teen magazines were the “thing”, the only thing to get that guilty sexual pleasures from. So much so that the popularity of sexually explicit magazines catapulted Hugh Hefner into a Pop culture icon. In case you didn’t know, he was the founder of Playboy.

But porn became abundant for free throughout the internet and the adult teen magazines’ sales plummeted. 

Raw porn vs gradual sensuality

We all know how modern porn gets you going. Targeted for specific and exact needs, porns of today are raw, intense and sometimes borderline perverted. And when hardcore teen movies in magazines existed in their prime times, they were on the newsstands, right in front of the whole neighborhood. 

And for the fans of slow masturbatory experience, they left a lot to the imagination.

The pornography of modern times gives a raw picture of sexuality, where more than 80% of content shows verbal and sexual aggression. Whereas even the hardcore teen magazines resorted to a little bit of sensuality and art. Their way of inciting arousal was in their gradual sensuality.” And that still matters to me even in this day,”- explains Jason, a collector of old hardcore magazines.

The notable ones need a mention.

The adult magazine industry has seen many ups and downs and now they are mostly closing down for good. Still, some names are worthy of being here in the list of hardcore teen magazines for riding the roaring success for many many years and keeping you occupied in your bedroom alone.

List of the hardcore teen magazines: 

  • Playboy: Started by Hugh Hefner, Playboy, once the poster child of the hardcore teen magazines, became almost synonymous with the adult magazine term. They make wonderful collections still to this day. If you look at their magazines, you will get aroused with their sense of erotica and revealing angles. And they sure covered a lot of beautiful women!
  •  Hustler: A brainchild of Larry Flint, Hustler attracted controversy when they published some private photographs of famous personalities. Started as a promotional magazine for Larry Flint’s strip club businesses, Hustler made headlines with their controversial pictures and revelations. 
  • Barely Legal: A magazine from the house of Hustler itself, started by Larry Flint, barely legal is a softcore adult magazine, and like most of the hardcore magazines, are for straight men.
  • 18Eighteen:  If teen models are your thing, then your best bet is 18Eighteen. They are sexy, they are hardcore. And you can’t miss a thing with their page after page pictures of nude teens. Their gallery boasts of uncovered boobs and pussy pictures you always wanted to see.
  • Private: With their extensive coverage of nude beautiful models, Private will make sure you get an erection right through the first pages. Their coverage and models make them one of the best in business.

Whether or not in circulation, these magazines give a different view of sexuality in these modern times. Grab a copy each and see for yourself which appeals most to you. Experience porn, just in different glasses!