Top 5 weirdest sexual fantasies

We all have erotic fantasies in general whether we admit it or not.

These are part of our sexuality, only the world doesn’t have the courage to talk about them. However, we must admit that there are people who have the strangest erotic fantasies that they do not hesitate to put into practice whenever they have the opportunity.

We are different if we compare and emphasize the fantasies we have and very rarely can we find a person with whom to share our most hidden sexual desires. All these thoughts define us and worry us most of the time because many of us fail to fulfill all the fantasies we have even if we use the services of a escort girl.

Here are the strangest erotic fantasies:

  1. Violent sex

It can be considered one of the strangest erotic fantasies. Undoubtedly there are couples who choose sexual violence saying that this excites them very much. As the name suggests, this fantasy involves the use of humility in sexual intercourse, sometimes even suffocating your partner for a short time. Most couples who have this type of sex have well established rules and the role of each partner in sexual intercourse. The extreme of this fantasy is that it can leave visible traces of violence on the bodies of the two partners.

  1. Swing and exchange partners

We have to admit that the swing is a sexual fantasy practiced for a very long time, but there is not much talk about it, because those who practice it prefer to keep it a secret like an escort girl. There are many reasons why some couples choose this option. There are couples who say that they practice the swing because that way they can avoid cheating on their partner, others say that they choose this type of relationship because it spices up their sex life.

  1. Scatophilia

Scatophilia is one of the strangest erotic fantasies that very few couples put into practice. It is described as a perversity with an attraction to dirt. When we talk about sex it means urine and feces. Specifically, it involves urinating or defecating on the couple’s partner.

  1. Sex in transvestites

Undoubtedly there are women who feel terribly horny when their partner dresses in their clothes and puts on make-up, just as there are men who are very horny by women who dress and behave like men.This category also includes escort girl. But only some of these women have disguised behavior.

  1. Sex with a person of the same sex

Contrary to appearances, this fantasy is common among both men and women, and most of the time, it does not betray a homosexual inclination. It can be considered one of the strangest erotic fantasies because there are many heterosexual women, for example an escort girl, who imagine having sex with other women out of a real desire to have gentle and tender sexual contact, as they did not have with male partners.