The Best London First Date Ideas

With the coronavirus pandemic curve seeming to flatten, many singles throughout London are beginning to think about the possibilities of dating once again. As in actual dates, face to face, in person and without social distancing getting in the way of a beautiful new relationship. Whether it’s a casual dinner date, or an evening of drinks and dancing, a return to dating as we once knew it could be happening soon.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to share some of our favourite London first date ideas. Let’s take a look:

Score A Strike At A Bowling Alley- you can show off your bowling skills while having a bit of fun at your local bowling alley. There is usually plenty of time to talk and get to know each other which makes bowling one of the best first dates.

Play A Round Of Mini Golf- when the weather turns warm, mini golf becomes the perfect matchmaking game for singles. Mini golf is a lot of fun and you can relax with your date without getting too serious about the game itself.

Visit A Theme Park- for the action-minded single, an amusement park makes the transition from online dating, to dating in person a lot easier.

Sing At A Karaoke Bar- a staple of the London dating scene, karaoke is a fun and relaxing way to learn more about your date while singing some of your favourite songs.

Go Rock Climbing- if you are the adventurous type, rock climbing could be the way to meet someone special who shares the same hobby. Who knew that rock climbing could be such a good matchmaking idea?

Go Ice Skating- a great wintertime first date is ice skating. As long as your date has some basic ice skating skills, you will both have a lot of fun celebrating the season together.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City- there is so much to see and do in London, that it is fairly easy to become a tourist, even if you have lived here your entire life. Visit new sights, eat at a restaurant that you have never been to, or take in a show.

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