Plan Your Bachelor Party: Think Outside The Box

There is so much that has been said about buck nights. If you are in the middle of planning one, you might find the amount of information available and the countless dos and dont’s bewildering. Deal with it. The practice of throwing a would-be-groom a last night or weekend of freedom is very old.  We are not going to try and find its origins because the stories about that vary. The term itself meant young knight. It first appeared in Geoffrey Chaucer’s writing in the 14th century as a reference to a young unmarried man. The practice itself dates as far back as 5th Century B.C with those fearless Spartans. Apparently, they held a dinner in honor of a soldier who was about to get married. Those who know Spartan history can probably guess what such a party would have looked like – Totally debaucherous and bloody. Ever since the words and the practice existed, bachelor parties have had one common thing: They have always been raucous.

Bachelor parties have continued in some form or another throughout the years and different cultures. The name might have been different from country to country; for instance, in the UK they are called stag nights, in the US they are called bachelor’s party, in in France they are called enterrement de vie de garçon and in Australia they are called bucks parties. There have always been a little outrageous with naked women popping out of giant cake or belly dancers shimmying to sensuous music.

The fun can be out of hand and people have been known to get hurt or land up in hospitals because they took things too far. Whilst, being the best man responsible for organizing and hosting a bucks party might be an honor it can quickly turn into a nightmare. People have not only lost teeth,  had near-death experiences because of someone’s enthusiasm to make their mates send-off epic, some people have actually had their relationships end because of the things that men get up to at bachelor parties. For example, Paris Hilton broke up with her beau, Paris Lastis when she found out that he actually had sexual relations with someone at his bachelor party. And then there was a similar story with Mario Lopez and Ali Landry and so many others. This doesn’t have to be you, though. A reputable Gentlemen’s club Melbourne don’t necessarily encourage hooking up.

In the past, these parties were dignified shindigs involving a black-tie dinner with the father. The en would have a nice dinner, have some alcohol and puff away whilst they talked about the state of the world. The older generation should have some words of wisdom for the young groom about married life. These days, it has evolved to humiliation, non-stop drinking and questionable encounters with strange women in exotic locations.

It has become harder and harder for best men to come up with great bucks party ideas when every ridiculous thing seems to have been tried. Your friends can do go-karting and paintball for so many times before these activities become stale. Being the best man means the groom trusts you and hopes you know him well enough to know how far he can push the envelope.

You’ve probably heard about VR Zombies. Ever since VR experiences became known, zombies have been popping everywhere. For some reason, people are fascinated by fighting in a zombie apocalypse.

Escape rooms are growing in popularity and in complexity. There is nothing as engaging as working with your friends to solve a puzzle and crack a code that will get you out of a room you have been locked in for some time. The activities that take place in escape room are different.

How about driving a tank, or a hover craft, or skydiving, or paragliding or flyboarding. That should get your adrenaline pupping. Invent your own games. The greatest games came about as a result of people who were curious about what would happen for instance, if they could motorise a bathtub and put it in the river. Think outside the box. However if all else fails, your night could be just as epic held a gentlemen’s club Melbourne.