Find Out How to Tell if Someone Likes You

It can be hard to have unrequited crushes. The only thing worse is falling for someone and not knowing for sure whether the feelings are returned. Instead of risking embarrassment or passing up a perfect opportunity, read on to find out how to tell if someone likes you now to make it easier to tell the difference.

Watch His Body Language

Watching body language can tell the observer a lot about a person, including his feelings toward her. Pay a lot of attention to eye contact and body position. When they’re into someone, most men will subconsciously move closer to them while talking and make eye contact frequently. They may also spend a lot of time straightening ties, adjusting shirt collars, or otherwise trying to improve their appearance, so look for these signs that he’s interested in more than just the conversation.

Pay Attention to What He Talks About

When guys are into someone, most of them feel like they need to prove themselves. They’ll talk about themselves a lot, and may even start bragging about past accomplishments. If a man does this, don’t assume he’s just being full of himself. Men are inherently providers, so they want to show the women they’re strong and competent.

Look Out for Accidental Touches

If a guy is interested in a woman, he’ll often find excuses to touch her accidentally. Look for things like touching hands when laughing, brushing legs together without moving away, or giving extra hugs. When in doubt, try doing the same thing. Brush a hand gently against his neck or arm and see if he moves away. If he doesn’t, that’s a good sign it’s time to move forward.

See How He Acts Around Others

Most men will act differently toward the people they’re crushing on, especially in groups. They may start acting protective by shifting closer in seating arrangements or placing an arm around the back of a love interest’s chair. Some may also try to get a rise out of their crushes by flirting with other girls. If that’s what he’s doing, he’ll look at his crush frequently to try to gauge her response.

Guys who are really interested will also go out of their way to do things for potential partners. That might mean offering rides home, paying for meals, or just being a little extra nice. It’s much easier to see if a man is acting differently when he’s in a group, so try to make plans to hang out with friends to make these signs easier to spot.

Pay Attention to Invitations

Does it seem like he’s always putting out invitations to go to parties, hang out with friends, and spend time together? If so, that’s a pretty sure sign there’s something more going on than just friendship. As an added bonus, an interested guy will also look for excuses to find time alone. If he’s shy, he won’t call it a date, but that’s what it usually is.

The Bottom Line

Most women don’t want to put their heart on the line for someone who may or may not reciprocate their feelings, and that’s totally fair. Take the time to look for the signs above to see if it’s worth investing in the relationship.