4 Keys to Happiness

Most people think about the things they want in life. These can be tangible items or intangible resources like time, inner peace, and true love.

We live in an age of consumerism. Some people buy 48 pairs of black shoes, each slightly different. Others follow the lives of celebrities like the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, and the Trumps, amazed by their possessions. We often find ourselves amazed by how many things people have in their houses or how many we wish to acquire.

The Big Four Happiness Factors

Researchers studied populations all over the world and found that the four qualities that bring peace and satisfaction are similar, no matter whether your home is a McMansion or a tiny house. The Big Four are gratefulness, cheerfulness, and friendliness. Let’s look at these.


People who “never meet a stranger” approach the world with an open mind and a positive attitude, no matter what obstacles they face. Friendship is about showing warmth and a good sense of humor towards others. It’s about making the first move in social settings, while also understanding that rewards aren’t always immediate. A woman in her 60s once told me that “every day is a chance to make new friends.” Humans are social animals, and showing kindness to others who might one day need help or support is more likely to build your community.


Many of us know old songs that tell us to “put a smile on your face when you’re sad” or to “smile even if your heart is broken.” We may feel we need to practice lying to ourselves. A Zen saying advises smiling while peeling carrots, which helps us feel better. Smiles can be contagious, and when we smile at others, even if we’re feeling upset inside, we often feel better when they smile back. It is healing to see someone smile. Imagine being smiled at by someone you love. Another reason to be cheerful? Research has shown that patients who grimace during medical treatments feel more pain than those who do not.This post was written by a professional at Valenti Matchmaking. Valenti Matchmaking offers discreet best matchmakers as well as all levels of personal, one-to-one relationship coaching for a select, worldwide clientele of unapologetically selective single, successful, and attractive men and women in search of a compatible life partner.